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Success starts early

85% of all new product launches fail. Those that succeed start with a deeper understanding of human needs to generate better ideas and guide the development process. Optivo is a behavioral science test that focuses on these pivotal early stages with unique approaches in ideation and early idea screening that set the foundations for successful concepts.

Actionable and iterative

Successful innovations don’t materialize out of thin air. They are the product of comprehensive trial and error; we build, measure and learn until our ideas are realized. Optivo offers iterative solutions to enable the growth of new innovations. Our techniques father tactile feedback to optimize, then re-measure using consumer-generated success criteria. 

Unbiased consumer feedback

Primed questions yields primed answers. Throughout the innovation funnel it is essential to hear what consumers have to say, and not just the replay of what you’ve shown them. The Optivo suite offers advanced open-ended questioning analyzed with NLP (natural language processing) tools to uncover the hidden elements that drive concept performance. 

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