Research Reveals 4 Sustainability Personas: Which are you Marketing to?

Most every marketing team has struggled to address sustainability in their business; from packaging alternatives that fail to perform in the same way as conventional, to premium pricing strategies that prompt consumers to wonder why they need to pay for the privilege.  The unfortunate reality is that few of the initiatives have proven to work broadly in market.

To find effective ways to motivate people to embrace sustainable options, we need to first understand how people view humans and their relationship with planet earth. This Earth Day,  Protobrand is releasing the results of a study conducted among 600 consumers in the USA to explore how people think and feel about humans and planet earth.

The study shows that there are four distinct ways in which the relationship with earth is framed, and each of these provide fertile ground for brands to activate to achieve more sustainable consumption practices.

We invite you to learn more about this research and let us know – which persona does your brand activate? A reckless destroyer? A symbiotic transactor? A responsible guardian? A Nature tranquilizer? How do you see these personas reflected in your brand marketing efforts?


Watch the Video Here