Tyson Foods came to Protobrand with a challenge: they wanted to understand what the drivers and barriers to purchase of their products were. How do they break through in a mature category? Why were brand-lovers buying their products consistently and, possibly more importantly, why were people who weren’t buying their products choosing not to? And which of these barriers, if removed, would have the greatest impact on the brand?


Explicit research techniques alone weren’t revealing the actionable insights that Tyson needed in order to make changes in their brand and messaging strategy, so they sought out a partnership with Protobrand to conduct a study that incorporated both metaphor elicitation and response latency techniques with Protobrand’s proprietary Meta4 Insight technology.


In this video, Meg Weltzer from Tyson Foods and Irina Zilberman, President of Protobrand, present the exciting results from multiple phases of this research: