Exploration drives
transformational growth

Strategic business objectives require a custom approach.                                                                                                                  At Protobrand, we work collaboratively with our clients to explore the                                                                                    mind of the consumer in order to unearth decisive insights.

Illuminate the drivers of consumer behavior

Consumers are often not aware of the underlying drivers that cause them to act in a certain way, leaving the full story of your target audience untold. With behavioral science-driven research techniques, we tap into consumers’ non-conscious thoughts and emotions to capture the “whys” that underpin their behavior.

Uncover human truths

Explore the mind of your consumer to understand what they associate with your brand, and why; these associations provide a roadmap to uncover unmet needs and connections, and as a way to unlock latent opportunities with your consumers.

Category Illumination

  • Identify unmet category needs
  • Understand latent category drivers and barriers
  • Reveal white-space opportunities to differentiate and innovate

Brand Illumination

  • Understand the emotional footprint of a brand
  • Identify ownable emotional territories to develop and refine positioning strategies

Consumer Illumination

  • Gain a deeper, emotionally-driven understanding of target segments 
  • Map the consumer identity profiles driving purchase and consumption occasions

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