Put your brand on the
growth track

Strategic brand management

People use brands to convey who they are and what they value in life. If the product is what they use, your brand is why they use. We apply behavioral science techniques to understand brand health at an emotional, consumer-centric level that connects the identity of the consumer with the identity of the brand. 

With this understanding we build upon traditional funnel metrics with actionable insights that directly inform strategic planning, positioning and communications throughout the consumer journey.

Stay a step ahead

Consumption patterns are dynamic; consumer needs continually evolve and the competitive environment changes to meet those needs. Protobrand’s unique approach to brand tracking is rooted in the voice-of-the-consumer, and is sensitive enough to discern meaningful changes in the landscape. 

We’re interested – not only in what people are saying but how they’re saying it. This provides a more nuanced and in-depth understanding of your brand and consumer, helping you adjust on the fly to stay ahead of your competitors. 

Meaningful and actionable insights

By pairing behavioral science-driven techniques with traditional tracking metrics, we’re able to provide a comprehensive perspective on the health of your brand, while also leveraging an in-depth and nuanced brand understanding to provide actionable insights and strategic recommendations to move your business forward. 

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