Brand essence:
How people love your brand

Brand Essence and Tracking of the Brand

Measure Brand Essence

Function is the foundation of your relationship with consumers. Your brand has to perform. But it’s the symbolic and emotional dimensions that define a deeper connection – brand essence. This brand essence creates meaningful differentiation – helping consumers convey who they are and what they value in life. 

We use behavioral science techniques to understand brand health at this symbolic and emotional level. We connect the identity of the consumer with the identity of the brand. 

And we measure brand identity at a quantitative scale, enhancing traditional funnel metrics with insights to inform strategic planning, positioning and communications.

Stay ahead

Consumption patterns change; consumer culture evolves. Your need to respond to stay competitive. Protobrand’s approach to brand essence captures the voice-of-the-consumer – and this voice can be used to understand and measure how and why they are changing.  

We focus on what people are saying and how they’re saying it. We provide a deeply nuanced understanding of your brand and consumer, helping you adjust to stay ahead of your competitors.

Brand Essence
Behavioral science-driven techniques

Drive change

Our behavioral science-driven techniques add depth to traditional funnel metrics. The true measure of brand health is the depth and breadth of consumer connection. 

We measure this connection with nuanced brand understanding. Join our growing list of brands who use our trackers to drive change and improve brand health.