About us

Protobrand is a technology powered market research consultancy that empowers brands with game-changing insights. With a strong culture of innovation, we apply behavioral science to build cutting edge technology research methods and reveal true consumer motivations. 

We are dedicated to bringing our core values into everything that we do, and we take pride in our diversity, social responsibility, and dedication to positive environmental change. With offices in Boston, Toronto, Amsterdam and Stockholm, Protobrand is committed to building value-centric relationships with our clients around the world. 

Owen Jenkins

VP Client Services

Matt Morris

Manager Client Services

Patricia Zhang

Research Manager & Analyst

Annika Henricsson

VP Client Services

Karla Chavez Hernandez

Head of Research Operations

Hongyu Zhou

Sr. Technology Director

Ken Ott

Head of Product Management

Anya Martynova

Research Analyst

Yi Geng

Research Analyst

Waldron Faulkner

Head of Engineering

Anders Bengtsson

Chief Evangelist and Innovation Officer

Peter Costa

Head of Client Services

Tessa Kemmeren

Research Manager & Analyst

Blake Morin

Research Director

Georgia Zhuang

Head of Research & Insight

Azka Siddiqui

Research Manager & Analyst

Lakshmi Ravichandran

Research Analyst

Joe St. Hilaire Bona

Head of Client Experience

Luke Westerfield

Jr. Frontend Developer

Rainier Van Rietschoten

Head of Client Services EU