Transformational Growth through AI + Behavioral Science

Powerful brands infuse meaning into consumers’ daily lives. Our insights show you how.

What does your brand mean to consumers?

Does it match the identity and lifestyle they desire? The most influential brands connect functional attributes with symbolic meaning to align with who people want to be. This results in emotional connections between the brand and consumers.

Protobrand uses AI + Behavioral Science to identify the ideal connections between Functional, Emotional and Symbolic properties to optimize brand performance.

Transformational insights for business growth

Our expertise spans across key areas of your market research strategy

Product innovation

At Protobrand, we take a different approach to innovation and recognize that innovations succeed when they are entrenched with consumer lifestyles and identities. We illuminate how products deliver meaning to consumers by addressing the values and beliefs that are central to consumers’ lives.

Brand development

Iconic brands are cultural authorities that shape consumer lifestyles and identities. To manage the brand strategically requires an understanding of its functional, symbolic, and emotional dimensions and how these are woven into consumers’ sense of self.

Marketing Communications

The quality of creative is closely linked to the ROI of advertising. But what’s driving the quality of creative? Developing effective advertising requires deep insights about consumers so the brand can become a hero in their lives and help to achieve their desires.

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